Gallery: 2016 Topps Heritage Minor League baseball cards

Topps Heritage
 arrived today for the guys down on the farm but the 2016 Topps Heritage Minor League set and its autograph checklist are loaded with some big-league talent thanks to a talented crop of newcomers.

And that means there are some good variations and autographs to chase.


Each box of 2016 Topps Heritage Minor League boxes will include one autograph and one Relic along with a smaller box size of just 18 packs. The basic set has 200 cards capped by 25 short-prints as well as a number of variations just like the big-leaguers. Ten of them — some of the elite names in the set — have facsimile-auto variations to chase.

Then, on the autograph side, there are inked cards with and without team names — and in some cases the player wrote the team’s name on the card.

Among the signers in this one include Dansby Swanson, Andrew Benintendi and Alex Bregman. And as a bonus, there are Looming Legacy autos of five big-leaguers including Bryce Harper and Mike Trout to add to the chase.

You can click here to view the checklist for 2016 Topps Heritage Minor League cards before checking out the gallery below.

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