Chicago Cubs’ World Series berth gets first wave of Topps Now cards


The Chicago Cubs are headed back to the World Series and Topps has the cardboard to prove it.

Less than 24 hours after the team clinched its first National League pennant since 1945, Topps Now cards are on the way documenting the big win — but for only 24 hours via

There are Kris Bryant autographs — a first for the player in the line — along with Relics and standard cardboard as part of today’s 16-card lineup.


The cheapest Bryant auto is $149.99 and is limited to just 199 copies, while the others ranged as high as $1,999.99 for his 1/1 card, which sold out immediately. The Relics started at $99.99 for the copy limited to just 99 copies, but that low-end one also sold out immediately — the opposite of the autographs, which are still available. The 1/1 Relic was posted with a $999.99 price tag.

Standard cards will be made to order for only 24 hours and those cards include Bryant, a group celebration, a Kyle Hendricks card, an Anthony Rizzo card and a card of the Series co-MVPs, Jon Lester and Javier Baez. 

To see the full year of standard 2016 Topps Now cards, click here.

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