Heritage’s 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle auction could top $1 million


Update: Including a buyer’s premium, the card sold for $1,135,250

A Heritage Auctions sale with more than 20 days remaining has a legitimate shot at yielding the hobby’s next million-dollar baseball card.

It’s a PSA 8.5 copy of Mickey Mantle‘s iconic 1952 Topps card and it’s already pushing the high six-figures in an auction that began earlier this month.


After a dozen bids, the card is at $800,000 — and that’s really $956,000 with a buyer’s premium. That means the next bid would reach seven figures for the card of an iconic player in an iconic set and a high series with an iconic story.

From the auction listing: “The upper-pantheon significance of the man himself is only half the story, the other half inhabiting a much-lower altitude, the briny deep. Mantle’s No. 311 representation launched the ‘high-number series’ of the 1952 Topps issue, a portion of the set that fell victim to unrealistic deadlines and thus failed to meet its expected distribution quotas. Only small quantities made it to counter displays at the local five and dime, the balance ultimately towed several miles off the New Jersey shore and dumped to clear space on the warehouse floor for newer models.”

Only 12 copies of this card have earned the PSA 8.5 grade or higher. There are just two others with an 8.5, while there are six PSA 9s and just three PSA 10s in existence. Less than a year ago, a PSA 8 card set a sales record for that mark and that dollar amount has already been dwarfed here.

For more information on the card or auction, click here.

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