Buzz Break: 2016 Topps Triple Threads baseball cards


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maysThe box: 2016 Topps Triple Threads baseball cards
Where to buy:

Packs per box: 2
Cards per pack: 7
Cards in this box: 14
Base set completion: 
6 of 100 (6 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Base cards – Zack Greinke, Reggie Jackson, David Price, David Wright, Willie Mays

Rookie Cards (1) – A.J. Reed


Insert cards: 4 (gallery below)
Amber parallel (1) –  Todd Frazier (/150)
Emerald parallel (2) –  Mike Trout, Ozzie Smith (/250)
Amethyst (1) –  Joey Votto (/340)


Autographs/Memorabilia: 4 (gallery below)
Relics Silver (1) – Craig Biggio (/27)
Unity Relics Silver (1) 
– Javier Baez (/27)
Unity Relic Jumbo Autographs Gold (1)
 – Kole Calhoun (/25)
Rookies & Future Phenoms Auto Relic (1) – 
Kris Bryant (/99)

What’s Buzz-worthy: The long-running Triple Threads brand is one that can deliver quite well with some of the most-outrageous booklet cards and memorabilia creations in the hobby. This box didn’t include that but it was a home run with a redemption for a Kris Bryant autographed Relic — perfect timing and we’ll be giving this card away here on The Buzz via Twitter after we finish up our Five Star Bryant auto giveaway … so stay tuned. The rest of the box was a bit lighter on firepower money-wise but still had some decent names with potential. With the Bryant this box was a home run, though not as fun as it could have been since there will be some waiting for the auto to arrive, but without it would have been rough for the price. This really sums up Triple Threads’ high-risk, high-reward model. … There were some rough edges and corners on cards here with the thick stock and the packaging model, but not as rough as some other brands out there in the hobby. That’s nit-picky but that’s about all that didn’t go right here. If you can take the risk of a bit-pricier box with the potential of big rewards (or a bummer), then Triple Threads is worth a try.

Product Grade: A-
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: B+

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