First Buzz: 2017 Bowman baseball cards (updated with gallery)


What: 2017 Bowman baseball cards
Arrives: April 26
Box basics: One autograph per 24-pack hobby box (12 boxes per case);
Three autographs per 12-pack Jumbo box (eight boxes per case)
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What’s buzz-worthy: Topps celebrates the 70th anniversary of Bowman with a number of throwback inclusions as well as buyback cards while offering up the newest crop of rookies and prospects with plenty of color.

Keep reading for more as well as a full gallery of images.


The Basics: There will be at least four inclusions relating to the 70th anniversary in this one with inserts and autos with a nod to the 1948, 1951 and 1992 sets along with buybacks and other surprises, according to Topps. The 1948 inserts will be a mix of past and present players, while the 1951 set appears to be reproductions of sketches of past and present players in that one and the 1992 set will spotlight players using Superfractors. The 1948 and 1992 sets will have autograph parallels only found in hobby packs, while the original art for the 1951 set will be inserted into packs.


The Chrome prospect rainbow in this one will include Shimmer Refractors with “a multitude of low-numbered color variants” while there also will be standard, Purple, Blue, Gold and Red (/5) Refractors along with 1/1 Supers and printing plates. All but standard will be serial-numbered but all are presently TBD on volumes. There also will be an intentional focus on players involved with the World Baseball Classic as that’s coming soon.


For the standard prospect card parallels, there will be Silver, Purple, Blue, Gold, Red (/5) and Black (1/1) versions to chase. All will be numbered except for Silver.

For Chrome prospect autos, the rainbow will include standard, Purple, Blue, Gold, Red (/5), Supers (1/1), Shimmers and 1/1 printing plates. Each will be numbered and only be found in hobby boxes. Chrome rookies will have a smaller rainbow with all of them numbered — standard, Blue, Gold, Red (/5) and 1/1 Supers along with plates.


For inserts, there will be ROY Favorites, Talent Pipeline and Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 with each of these inserts having Gold, Superfractor (1/1)  and autograph parallels — and maybe more.  Buybacks will be hobby-only inclusions with some being autographed. New in the mix will be Bowman Ascent autos and prep All-American autos from past events. There also will be more surprises in store, according to Topps.

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