So, what can be found in the new WWE Slam Crate, anyway?


Curiosity got me.

When Pasadena, Calif.-based Loot Crate recently announced its first crate that’s a tad closer to the sports (entertainment) realm than most of its mystery box offerings — the WWE Slam Crate — this fan decided to sign up and see what was to come.

The First, which is the theme of this one, arrived today packing a few surprises and some oddball inclusions that offer a glimpse of what might be to come.


For $29.99, a fan got eight items inside the crate — a mix of collectibles, usable everyday items and other knickknacks all with a WWE theme. Typically, the crates are comic book, entertainment or movie/television-related with a concept that ties them all together — like “dead” which grouped Deadpool and The Walking Dead, for example.

Everything comes tucked into a custom-designed box that also reflects the theme. What was inside the crate?

Check out the gallery below.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this collector grades this first Crate as a B-minus. I feel like it needed a little more from the WWE’s women’s division, something for a headlining name and some other type of photos/items that are more like collectibles/cards. A pin and a patch are ultimately the same type of item, so it feels like something more was needed. The second Slam Crate will be one where I decide whether or not to continue with the program as the concept — and the fact that there’s not much like it from the company for the sports world — is one that I find compelling.

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