Thomas Fish adds comic book & horror memorabilia to collection


She’s one of the comic book world’s biggest icons and a ferocious superheroine vampire — and her first story ever published back in 1969 is now in the hands of one of the world’s biggest comic art collectors.

vampirella-coverShe’s Vampirella and the original art — the complete seven-page story — from Vampirella No. 1 is in the hands of Thomas Fish, the owner of The artwork previously sold in May 2009 after it had been in the collection of its creator, Forrest J. Ackerman all these years.

“During the last comic art con in Secaucus, N.J., I had an opportunity to meet the previous owner and discuss this historic first appearance piece of comic book and horror memorabilia,” Fish said. “After some negotiation, we were able to come to a deal we were both happy with and the artwork is now part of my collection.”

“Created and written by horror legend Forrest J. Ackerman, and drawn by fan-favorite comic book artist Tom Sutton, Vampirella took the world by storm in 1969 with her unique combination of ‘sex symbol-meets-space vampire’ appeal starring in her own best-selling magazine,” read the auction description from the only other time the art changed hands. “Fans ate it up, and her character went on to become the subject of countless comics, books, cards, posters, films, merchandising, and continues to be a popular fan-favorite to this day.”

Fish’s collecting focus includes first appearances of iconic characters as well as landmark issues. His stash includes the debuts of Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Mary Jane Watson and even the entire issues of the Jim Lee-drawn 1991 reboot of X-Men — the best-selling comic book in history — and Rob Liefeld‘s X-Force No. 1. Another big example? How about the cover of The New Mutants No. 98, the debut of “The Merc With a Mouth,” Deadpool.

That’s not to say there aren’t big issues still out there that are still on his want list. High on that one is the cover of New Mutants 87 — the debut of Cable, who is the leader of X-Force — and the debut of Harley Quinn, which was in The Batman Adventures No. 12 from September 1993.

If you have any artwork, Fish can be reached via email at

Curious about what other art he has? Check out his gallery here.

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