MLBPA approves licensing deal for Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball game


The MLBPA has approved a licensing deal for a new fantasy baseball game to arrive this spring that will utilize packs of cards as part of the action.

honus-bonus-1It’s Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball and it’s being launched by Rittenhouse Archives president Steve Charendoff, who is also at the helm of Honus Bonus Partners.

“As a lifelong baseball card collector and long-time fantasy game player, it made perfect sense to combine these two overlapping passions in this unique series of cards,” Charendoff said in a prepared release. “We’re extremely pleased to partner with the MLBPA, particularly at this time when so many of its players are enjoying unprecedented popularity.”


The first edition of the game will include 500 cards of present big-leaguers. The cards will have scratch-off codes used to play fantasy baseball with prizes ranging from $100 to $5,000. The game also will utilize a website,, as the hub for the gameplay.

The cards will be standard-sized, making them just like other baseball and gaming cards.

“We are consistently trying to find unique and innovative ways to connect fans and our players, and we are excited to enter a new frontier with the Honus Bonus Partners team,” said Evan Kaplan, the MLBPA Director of Licensing and Business Development.

Each card’s code can only be used once and each entry will require a lineup of 30 players. The cards also will also include silver foil-etch parallel cards as well as Career Milestone cards and  hand-drawn sketch cards to help add to the chase.

Boxes will have 24 packs of eight cards and there will be 20 boxes per case. The packs will carry a suggested retail price of $2.50.

The set is scheduled to arrive on March 15.

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