Chicago Tribune already selling printing plates, posters as it readies book for Cubs’ World Series win


The Chicago Cubs World Series memorabilia isn’t limited to trading cards and the typical items that collectors might chase and the Chicago Tribune already is getting in on the action beyond its day job.

In addition to its newspapers, the company already is selling poster reprints and commemorative printing plates of its front pages from the World Series (above) as well as from the Cubs’ postseason run. It’s also readying a book, which is up for sale now on its website.

These happen somewhat regularly for major markets and team championships but they haven’t for hungry Cubs fans, who hadn’t seen a World Series title since 1908.


The Tribune’s book, History Made: The Cubs’ Historic 2016 Season, is $14.95 and will include 128 pages of photos, stories and more documenting the season. That will arrive within the next three weeks and is actually one of the more-affordable items, though back issues of the newspaper carry a $10 price on the company’s website. (That’s a distinct mark-up vs. on the street in Chicago … if you can find one. Meanwhile, asking prices for the simplest of collectables can be unrealistically steep on eBay.)

The front-page poster (up top) is $48 on the Tribune’s site, while replica press plates (not 1/1s outside of the card world) are $35. Those prices hold standard across the board for the most-recent as well as past games.


Interestingly, the Tribune also sells sets of its past editors’ used plates — sets from the the actual ink-covered sets (also not 1/1s outside the card world as several sets will be used to complete a print run) for substantially higher prices. One past issue (seen above) checks in with an asking price of $1,000. If you dig deeper, you can find posters from earlier in the year as well as other memorabilia pieces that might appeal to baseball fans and collectors.

To see all of these items and more in the Chicago Tribune store, click here.

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