Black November Wave 4 is here — and here are five deals to consider


If you hadn’t noticed, there are a number of boxes with discounted prices now over on the mothership as’s Black November Wave 4 hits today.

Many of the discounts were dramatic enough that Buzz had to sit down and ponder the possibilities in many of the boxes and cases — and here are five boxes that caught this collector’s eye.

2014 Topps Heritage High Number baseball setkyle-hendricks
The Cubs won the pennant — and plenty more — and the 1965 Topps pennant design is the home to the only Rookie Card for one of the World Series champions’ best (and under-appreciated) pitchers in Kyle Hendricks. That’s the easy guarantee from a set that’s loaded with Rookie Cards and has an autograph inside every box. Also big in this one? RCs and autographs for Mookie Betts, Jose Abreu, Billy Hamilton, and Jacob deGrom as well as cards for Masahiro Tanaka, Joe Panik, George Springer and more. With a discount now’s the time to pick one up.


2016 Topps Strata baseball hobby box
Just because a box isn’t brand new or is on discount doesn’t mean that the good stuff isn’t in there — and that applies perfectly here. These boxes guarantee you an autograph and one Relic inside every single time and you can find some of the biggest names in the game and some of the more-striking memorabilia cards around. These cards carry a distinct premium feel — and for now the price isn’t as premium.


2012 BenchWarmer Vault
Need a surprise in trading card form? The Vault is it as it includes a randomly selected wax box of past BenchWarmer cards. Atop that, there are six hits — a Vault memorabilia or kiss card, three Vault autographs, two autographs from past BenchWarmer products and a promo card. With the past products that opens up the number of names you’ll be able to find here. It’s worth a shot at the price — just for the fun and the surprise of it.


2015 Topps Chrome football hobby box
The final Topps Chrome NFL set is one that has a rookie auto in every box but it’s also got plenty of Rookie Cards with the potential for big color with the big names to go with them. The crop includes Todd Gurley, Marcus Mariota, David Johnson, Amari Cooper, Melvin Gordon, T.J. Yeldon, Marcus Peters, Tyler Lockett and plenty more.


2013-14 Panini Prizm hockey hobby box
Tear into this one and you’ll find a pair of autographs, as many as three Prizm inserts and a Rookie Card in every single pack. The Prizm rainbow can be a strong draw here with the 1/1 Black Finite cards, of course, being the rarest.

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