First Buzz: 2016 Black Gold football cards


What: 2016 Black Gold football cards
Arrives: Jan. 25
Box basics: At least four autographs per two-pack box (eight boxes per case).

What’s buzz-worthy: Black Gold is back packing four hits, potentially two more atop that between autos, mem and metal cards along with two shadowbox base cards and two more shadowbox inserts per box.

Keep reading for more info and a full gallery.


The Basics: There will be some new inclusions this time around with Gold Records autos, Hall of Fame Symbols, Gold Nuggets, Gold Rush, Golden Hands and Reverse Gold parallels. Metallic Marks will have autos with metal pieces — black and gold — and there will be White Gold and Black Gold (1/1) parallels. … The basic set will consist of 48 NFL veterans and 33 legends and there will be printing plates to be found for those cards. The rookies will be found with on-card autos. There will be Massive Materials tag and NFL Shield parallels atop the standard cards, while NFL Shields also will be found in the Sizable Signatures set. … Gold Strike autos will also be on-card as will Gold Records. … Metal team logo cards appear to be limited to just 50 copies with parallels as rare as one copy. … Boxes carry a suggested retail price of $250.

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