Gallery: Sideshow’s high-end figures must be seen to be believed


Sometimes you just get sidetracked by an email.

That was the case Friday morning when the latest images from Sideshow Toys spotlighting its newest (and some past) Premium Format figures arrived in Buzz’s inbox.

They’re premium in size — in the case of Deadpool here 24 inches tall and 14 pounds — and premium in price. But, most importantly, they’re premium in appeal as they are ridiculously detailed in their varying forms.

Rather than try and describe their look and feel, check out the video above for Deadpool — coming sometime between December and February at a price of $699.99 — and check out the gallery of more than 100 images for just some of the varying franchises that can be seen in pieces like this one and more posable (and slightly more affordable) options.

All are pretty detailed and pretty impressive.

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