Decision 2016 Series 2 sketch cards stuffing bid boxes on eBay


There wasn’t just one surprise on Election Day — and this other surprise has continued to pile up votes of another type — you know … bids — on eBay.

They are Decision 2016 Series 2 sketch cards and these card-sized drawings of politicians and others beyond Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have given the cut autographs in the product a run for their money.


Six of these rare inclusions already have sold for more than $100 on eBay with the Brian Kong sketch above the leader in the clubhouse so far at $400.

The next-highest was $343 for an Ivanka Trump tribute you can see in the gallery below along with several other cards pulled by collectors and placed on eBay. These cards aren’t the easiest pulls in the product — they are one in every 16 boxes compared to one in every four for autographs — but they are a clearly welcomed alternative based on bidding if someone doesn’t land autograph ink in a box.

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