Icons Unmasked prints offer look at memorable characters with a twist


Sometimes memorable characters inspire new ones — or new ones arrive that remind us of others but with a twist.

A series of art prints from Wisconsin-based artist Alex Solis gives us a reminder of just that.

They are “Icons Unmasked.”


Solis has created more than 100 different Icons and some feature real people meshed with big-screen stars — like Conan O’Brien and Conan The Barbarian. Others combine character with character like Garfield and Grumpy Cat. (Though I guess Grumpy is the real deal, too.)

Buzz found these over at nineteeneightyeight.com where you can find many of Solis’ pieces as eight-inch share giclee prints limited to only 50 copies for $25. They might be a fun small piece for a fan of TV, movies, comics, video games and more.

Check out the partial gallery below and hit the link above to see (or buy) even more.

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