Asking prices on Connor McDavid’s The Cup rookie patch autographs are kind of a big deal right now


The Cup is here and the biggest rookie of them all is here, too, with big asking prices on eBay.

The rookie is, of course, Edmonton’s Connor McDavid and his rookie patch autos from Upper Deck’2015-16 The Cup are something in high demand. We all knew that would be the case months ago.

But, now that they are here, the asking prices on early finds are jaw-droppers.


How much? Well here’s one. And here’s another. And a much-rarer (underpriced?) parallel.

Are the prices realistic? I guess that depends on the buyers out there, how deep their pockets are and how much they believe in the Canadian star in the making. The odds of pulling one from a box aren’t that easy — but they are certainly in there. And the boxes and cases that don’t cost that much.

So, are the asking prices realistic? Are you buying? How much would you pay? Tell us via our poll or in a comment below.

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