First Buzz: 2016 Super Break Alpha


What: 2016 Super Break Alpha
super_break_logoArrives: Dec. 10
Box basics: Five memorabilia pieces per box

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break’s newest product includes a mix of everything but on a high-end scale with just 10 — yep, 10 — boxes made.

The Basics: 
These boxes carry a suggested retail price of $7,250 ($1,450 per item) with only the most-notable names from sports, presidents, celebrities and musicians. There will be high-grade Rookie Cards, 1/1 and key cards (one of those per box), game-used items, The Bar creations, presidential letters, cuts and documents. In all, there will be 26 categories for items to fall into within the product. Those are listed below.

Modern Graded BuyBack Basketball Cards (1996-Present)
Vintage Graded BuyBack Basketball Cards (1950-1995)
Ungraded BuyBack Basketball Cards
Graded BuyBack Baseball Cards
BuyBack Football (USA) Cards
BuyBack Soccer Cards & Hockey Memorabilia
Game Used Basketball Sneakers
Game Used Basketball Jerseys & Warm Ups
Golf Memorabilia & Golf BuyBack Cards & Golf Bars
Game Used Baseball Bat
The Bar 8X10 Presidential
The Bar 8X10 Music
The Bar 8X10 Baseball
The Bar 8X10 Actress
The Bar 8X10 Olympics
The Bar 8X10 Historical Finance
The Bar 5X7 Baseball
The Bar 5X7 Olympics & Boxers
The Bar 5X7 Presidential & Civil War
Unframed Signed Presidential Documents (Small)
Unframed Signed Presidential Documents (Large)
Framed Signed Music
Signed Boxing Gloves, Headgear, and Trunks
Framed Signed Boxing
Framed Signed Baseball
Framed Signed Inventors

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