You could meet Kris Bryant — BlowoutTV is giving away a Topps Transcendent Collection draft spot


The baseball card world has changed some since Friday — and some might call it a transcendent change — and Blowout wants you to be a part of it.

The priciest box of baseball cards ever made, 2016 Topps Transcendent Collection, arrived Friday with just 65 metal briefcases packing 168 cards — 52 of those autographed — inside along with an invitation to a Jan. 18 party in Las Vegas to meet reigning National League MVP and World Series champion Kris Bryant.

One of those items found inside a group break box yet to be ripped by BlowoutTV could be yours, including the party invitation. How? Simply find the @blowoutcards Twitter account and it’s tweet about this … and retweet it. (Spoiler: Click the link above and you have found it.)

A winner will come later today with other giveaways to come in later breaks this week. Get all the latest details about the active break here.

A gallery of the first 2016 Topps Transcendent Collection case busted by BlowoutTV can be seen below along with some other hits of note so far. In some cases, we’ve also noted what cards have sold for.

Every box includes one 1/1 Bryant autograph using one of the past Topps baseball designs like the 1972 card seen here, one more 1/1 auto, one 1/1 sketch card, one oversized 1/1 cut signature box-topper, 49 autographs limited to no more than 52 copies, one set of Iconic base cards limited to just 65 copies and one set of 65 reproduction sketch cards limited to 65 copies. How much is a briefcase? Click here to see the latest price.

You can see more on this brand, including a previously released gallery of what it includes, right here.

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