Felicity Jones autos highlight Topps Star Wars Rogue One checklist


The lead in Rogue One is signing for Topps’ newest Star Wars set but — spoiler alert — she’s only available as a redemption.

Oscar nominee Felicity Jones has autographs in 2016 Topps Star Wars Rogue One Series 1, which officially arrives today along with the final checklist that she appears on.

It’s a card that’s already in demand — and the asking prices for those already on eBay are out of this galaxy.


Series 1 will include two hits per 24-pack box — a mix of autographs, sketch cards, medallions and printing plates.

Who else is signed on for this one? Click here to view the checklist.

The most-affordable auction for one of these cards on eBay carries an asking price of $1,499.95 and they range all the way up to $2,399. Are the cards rare enough to warrant those prices? We’ll see as more wax gets ripped.

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