Can’t afford that key vintage baseball card? Consider wall art


There are many iconic baseball cards from the past that you probably can’t own — that certainly applies to this collector — but there is another option to enjoy high-grade copies of stars from the past.

That option? Wall art.

Nestled among the various photos and artwork available in poster form over on are a number of vintage baseball cards that allow fans to collect and enjoy these small creations in a big and different way.


Armed with a half-off discount code, Buzz visited the site and recently picked off a print of Christy Mathewson‘s dark-cap T206 tobacco card from more than a century ago. It was something I had eyed for a while now but never pulled the trigger since other things in the collecting world came first. (And Topps‘ always arriving new creations of wall art featuring today’s stars have been among those things quite a few times.)

Not all of the vintage baseball cards up for grabs as posters on are as iconic as this one, but a number of cards from past sets with memorable players (and some not as memorable) can be found. Prices depend on sizes and type of print — as low as $29.99 (regular price) for an 18-by-24 print and as high as $299.99 for a 30-by-40 metal print. One can also get a print prepared on canvas or wood while laminates and framing also are variables in the mix.

With the half-off code, I opted for the largest printed (paper) Matty but realized that it’s a piece that might be better served by a smaller size. Why? A T206 card is just 1 7/16 inches wide by 2 5/8 inches tall, so a print that’s 30 by 40 (not trimmed) isn’t likely to be perfect. Up close, you definitely see a lot of printing spots that make up the poster — not to mention all those original printing flaws on the card itself — and a moiré-type pattern. A smaller canvas piece might be the ideal way to enjoy a T206 card but they are pricey — a 9-by-15 canvas is $79.99 regular price.

But seen from across a room? It’s a bold, impressive piece — and that’s what I wanted in my office/card area. Maybe your hard-to-shop-for collector who has it all needs something like this, too, this holiday season? To find out if they do, all you have to do is check their walls.

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