Gallery: 2016 Bowman Draft autos, Superfractors & other rarities


Once again, the Bowman Draft rainbow is colorful — and pricey.

Topps’ recently released 2016 Bowman Draft baseball card set which is the first look at MLB cardboard for future stars such as No. 1 draft pick Mickey Moniak.

Rarities for guys like him? Well, they’re in demand. One of his five Red Wave Refractors has sold for $2,327, which isn’t too shabby considering the price of the pack it came in.


Moniak isn’t alone in high-demand and high asking prices for the cards found in Bowman Draft, which has a new look this year for the standard boxes and includes at least five autographs in every Super Jumbo hobby box. (Need more details? Check out our First Buzz preview story right here.)

Curious about what a box break looks like? You can see one box with more thoughts here. If that’s not enough, we have highlights from almost 40 jumbo cases of Draft from BlowoutTV in the gallery below plus highlight cards found on eBay.

Checklist >> 2016 Bowman Draft.

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