George Michael fans only have a few options to collect him on cards


The music world lost another of its memorable stars on Sunday as George Michael died at age 53.

He sold more than 100 million albums during his career as a solo artist and as half of the band Wham!, which arrived with the first of its three Platinum albums in 1983. His debut solo album, Faith, has sold more than 25 million copies since 1987.

But when it comes to cardboard? Well, collectors really only have two places to look.


The main place to find his most widely distributed cards would be in a pair of releases from Pro Set. Michael appears on five cards in the 1991 Pro Set MusiCards set (seen in the gallery below) along with one promo card for the release. In addition, he can be found on a single card (with a slightly different crop and a flopped card frame) in the company’s UK version of the set. That’s it.

The U.S. cards are numbered 74-78, while the promo card is not numbered. For the UK set, he’s card No. 86, nestled right between Martika and Dannii Minogue on the checklist.


An earlier set, Rock Star Concert Cards, arrived in 1985 from AGI, which created its cards with rounded corners in packs of 10 cards along with one sticker.

In that one, Michael appears on one card solo and also on a pair of cards alongside Andrew Ridgeley. Others in that set include AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones and U2 to name a few.

None of these Michael cards will break the bank, though the Rock Star cards are definitely not as easy to find. The Pro Set promo, which has a few design touches different from the standard set, is probably the toughest find of them all.

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