Marvel’s U.S.Avengers arrives with a cover for every state — and beyond


It’s one part gimmick and one part patriotic but the arrival of a new comic book series and team from Marvel on Wednesday should be big — and a big challenge for those who decide to collect them all.

It’s U.S.Avengers and the first issue arrives with a variant cover for every state as well as a few more covers that all spotlight an individual star from the Marvel Universe.


There are 54 covers to collect for this one with the state-backed images all forming an American flag when placed together. In addition to these, some big names also represent Canada, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.

So, what’s Marvel’s take on the idea?

“Marvel’s U.S.Avengers state variants are a chance for our fans and retailers to show their hometown patriotism paired with some of the biggest Avengers from the Marvel Universe,” said Marvel’s SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We knew that a series with the name U.S.Avengers would evoke a sense of honor with all of our fans and we really wanted to go that extra step and offer a variant campaign that would allow our readers to show their hometown pride across this great nation – even our neighbors Canada and Puerto Rico.”

Naturally, characters often have ties to their states or countries when possible. Rogue, for example, is from Mississippi, while Deadpool‘s origins are tied to Canada and Captain Britain … well, he’s Captain Britain.

Will the covers be made in the same quantities? Probably not. According to some past teasers, Texas and New York were the leading state sellers in pre-orders, though the United Kingdom and Canada issues were in the top three overall.

Check ’em all out below … and check ’em out at your local comic shop on Wednesday.

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