eBay Buzz: Cody Garbrandt’s first UFC autos pounding the competition


Demand for autographs from the new UFC Bantamweight champion is high.

How high? Here’s what the card above went for — and it’s not even the priciest one.

That’s not the only Cody Garbrandt card available, either, though he doesn’t have many.

Garbrandt appears on just six cards — two Topps Now cards (one available now for just a few more hours) and just four certified autographs in boxes of the 2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection. Ironically, his name is misspelled on the card but there’s a definite “d” in his autograph.

His standard auto in Museum Collection is limited to 99 copies and the three parallels are limited to a total of just 36 copies between the Gold (/25), Ruby (/10) and 1/1 Emerald versions. That’s not a lot of ink for a guy who’ll now be in more demand with a championship in his grasp.

Garbrandt’s standard auto has sold for as much as $158.50, while the Gold has sold for $287.77 on eBay. Other copies of the Ruby have sold for $425.

The top-selling card? That’s the Ruby card found in this auction.

Not bad … especially considering the price of the box it came from.

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