First Buzz: 2017 Elite Draft Picks college football cards


What: 2017 Elite Draft Picks college football cards
Arrives: March 15
Box basics: Five autographs per five-pack box (16 boxes per case)
Checklist: Click here to view

What’s buzz-worthy: Elite comes to the college ranks with Panini America offering an autograph in every 15-card pack in a product that focuses on the stars of the college game from the past and offer a selection of 2017 draft pick hopefuls, too.

Keep reading for more info and a full gallery.


The Basics: Each box will include a mix of 30 base cards, 30 draft picks, two parallels, two draft picks parallels and five insert cards atop the ink. … Among the ink options are College Ties autos with two past stars with a common tie, Passing the Torch that will do the same, a small checklist of 15 Alma Mater autos and, of course, draft prospects. … These cards, like the base, will have Aspirations and Status die-cut Purple, Red, Blue, Gold, Emerald and Teal parallels that will all be limited to no more than 99 copies just like the autographs. … Boxes carry a suggested retail price of $100.

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