Topps is returning to the comic book business … with Garbage Pail Kids


Younger collectors may not know it, but there was a time when Topps published comic books and magazines

And that time is back with the first issue of Garbage Pail Kids issue No. 1 — “The Worst of 2016” — which is being sold only initially via The books are $19.99 with a pair of stickers (Grim Jim and Nervous Rex) also included. A discount is available for those buying five copies of the book. It will be printed to order just like its other recent online GPK releases, according to the company’s site.


The eight-page book is the first comics from Topps since 1998. Plans for that first run were revealed in the fall of 1992.

Update: The second issue (above) arrived on Jan. 20 to mock Donald Trump‘s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States. Meanwhile issue No. 1 sold just 265 copies.

Past comics included The X Files, Xena, Zorro, Mars Attacks, Jurassic Park, Dracula, Friday The 13th, James Bond and plenty more with an emphasis on horror, fantasy and movie titles. Other notables with tie-ins included Jack Kirby, Ray Bradbury and Jackie Chan. The era included plenty of books that were polybagged with exclusive trading cards.

Its magazines date a bit earlier with branded releases for Batman (1989), releases for Star Wars and, of course, a short-lived magazine run about its own baseball cards and collecting.

A small sampling of past books via Mile High Comics can be seen below.

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