Chicago Cubs’ White House visit gets Topps Now baseball cards


The Chicago Cubs went to the White House on Monday and today’s the day we get the baseball cards to prove it.

Topps ended an offseason card streak of more than a month without new Topps Now cardboard by unveiling eight new cards spotlighting the visit — and some of them are autographed.


Three of the cards focus on outgoing President Barack Obama, who was the center of attention — and is a long-time Chicago White Sox fan — but World Series MVP Ben Zobrist will be signing on for five cards as part of the release.

The three standard cards are available for $9.99 — or $24.99 as a bundle — and will be made to order after a sales window of just 24 hours. The Zobrist autos range from $99.99 for the easiest auto (limited to 99 copies) to $999.99 for the 1/1 auto that’s already sold out.

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