Reds Hall of Fame Pete Rose Hit Collection focuses on autographs

pete-rose-hit-collection-logoWhen is a Pete Rose autographed baseball a 1/1 creation but also one of 4,256?

When is a Rose autographed baseball an item that costs $170 … or more?

When it’s a part of a new exhibit in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum — and potentially part of your own stash — as part of the Hall of Fame Pete Rose Hit Collection.


The Reds Hall of Fame recently unveiled the project, which includes a baseball signed for each one of the hit king’s 4,256 career hits placed into a 13.5- by 18-inch display that notes where and when the hit took place.

Those who buy balls — $170 appears to be the starting price, though key hits will be sold at auction — also will have their names found in the Hall of Fame’s online Hit Collection Database. They’ll also appear on a Hit Collection graphic to be installed near a “three-story Wall of Baseballs tribute to Pete’s record” in the museum.

You can search baseballs via date, number, opposing pitcher, opposing team or ballpark to find the exact one you might want if it’s available. Maybe it’s a game you attended or maybe it’s a game on your birthday. Maybe it’s just a highlight that you remember well. You can search that database at the bottom of the page right here. (You can see screenshots in a gallery below.)

This project will help fund a statue of Rose to be displayed outside Great American Ball Park that will be unveiled on June 17.

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