New Hall of Famers usher in 2017 Topps #TBT + ongoing gallery

A new year of Topps #TBT is here and it’s bringing to us the newest Hall of Fame class and a few other stars of yesteryear all on a design from the past.

Tim Raines, Ivan Rodriguez and Jeff Bagwell are paired with one other Hall of Famer from their primary franchise’s past to round out the first pack in a weekly series.


Also included in this one is Gary Carter, Nolan Ryan and Craig Biggio and it uses a design that was common in 1980s Topps releases but with the Hall off Fame’s logo changing the look just a bit.

The print runs each week will be revealed after the sales window closes. The first six-card pack will cost $19.99 for one with a discounted price of $49.99 for three. There will be free shipping with Smartpost.

Last year’s #TBT run included 28 packs in 27 weeks — both baseball and a non-sports offering —  which were just the start for this line.

Week 1 — Hall of Fame All-Stars (327 sets sold)
Week 2 — 1952 Topps Card No. 1 stars (1,049 sets sold)
Week 3 — 1957-58 Topps basketball crossover athletes (339 sets sold)
Week 4 — 1962 Topps notable rookies for 2017 (1,329 sets sold)
Week 5 — 1968 Topps Hall of Fame rookies going solo (475 sets sold)
Week 6 — 1988 Topps 2017 World Baseball Classic stars (309 sets sold)
Week 7 — 1986 Topps football MLB stars (353 sets sold)
Week 8 — 1957 Topps 60th Anniversary with today’s stars (615 sets sold)
Week 9 — 1972 Topps Stars Proud to Wear No. 42 (398 sets sold)
Week 10 — 1990 Topps football design with MLB No. 1 draft picks (382 sets sold)
Week 11 — 2007 Topps baseball — Retired Numbers (620 sets sold)
Week 12 — 1956 Topps with today’s young stars (1,086 sets sold)
Week 13 — 1954 Bowman with notable 2017 rookies (1,475 sets sold)
Week 14 — 1990 Topps with notable no-hitters (289 sets sold)
Week 15 — 1967 Baseball Fence Busters (2,245 sets sold)
Week 16 — 1996 Topps Star Power Home Run Derby Legends (TBD sets sold)
Week 17 — 1976 All-Time All-Stars for In-season Call-ups (TBD sets sold)
Week 18 — Beverly Hills 90210 meets MLB’s hot summer hitters (TBD sets sold)

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