Buzz Break: 2000 Team Best Rookies minor league baseball cards


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2000-team-best-andy-phillipsThe box: 2000 Team Best Rookies minor league cards
Where to buy: 
Check eBay

Packs per box: 18
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 108
Base set completion: 
95 of 225 (42 percent)
Duplicates: 6

Base cards of note – Ben Sheets, Pat Burrell, Josh Hamilton, Mark Mulder


Insert/short-print cards: 0

Autographs: 7 (all in gallery below)
Team Best Autographs (7) – Jack Cust, Rick Elder, Chad Allen, Jeff Goldbach, Mike Lincoln, Cesar Izturis (2)

What’s Buzz-worthy: Buzz picked this box up for just under $10 with the idea of revisiting the recent past and the shot at some ink. This box over-delivered in that regard with an extra auto but there weren’t any of the biggest names like Josh Hamilton, Austin Kearns or Jim Morris, who has a pretty good story that you might be familiar with. Overall, this release is not one that has aged well but it’s a good glimpse at the hobby nearly two decades ago and is one that a beginner or master set-minded collector could have some fun with. It’s literally just 225 base cards, eight Babbitt’s Bombers inserts (1:72; not found here) and 25 autographs. That’s it. One interesting flaw with this release is a number of cards that have incorrect backs that have the wrong number and bio box but have update names and photography. Good thing there’s a checklist on the bottom of the box.

Product Grade: B
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: C

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