So, about that odd Willie Nelson Americana memorabilia card …


Willie Nelson couldn’t wait to get on the road again, going places he’d never been and seeing things he may never see again.

And we’re pretty sure he never saw this.

It’s a 2008 Donruss Americana Celebrity Cuts Materials Prime card and a small number of them have been pulled via BlowoutTV recently with a detail that many people might have missed.

What is it? Well, this is card No. 97 in Celebrity Cuts and a look at card No. 96 on that checklist as well as the autographed version of this card offer some clues … keep reading.


The autographed Nelson card in this product has, without question, a swatch from a bandanna that’s commonly seen on many of Nelson’s memorabilia cards from previous and subsequent releases from Donruss/Playoff and now Panini America. Most of these cards are red-black-white swatches but some are black.

That prime “bandanna” swatch on the card up top? Well, it just ain’t.


Now, about that previous card on the checklist? It’s a Willie Mays — so now that enigmatic Nelson swatch’s color scheme might make more sense. The basic version of Mays’ card a grey flannel material, which matches the same material found alongside the patch pieces on the Nelson. The prime version of the Mays card limited to only 50 copies? It’s got a red swatch — one that doesn’t feel all that prime but does look just like … well, you know.

willie-mays-2Back-to-back card numbers, two legendary Willies with names one letter apart. Those are enough signs that a baggie of prime swatches got flip-flopped in this situation. It’s probably not a new find, but Buzz hasn’t seen this one talked about before and there’s one more way to potentially check out these cards’ stories — the flashlight trick.

The thick patches and card stock probably won’t work on the Nelson card unless there’s a good amount of flannel showing, but the Mays could authenticate the obvious.

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