Buzz Break: 1998 Team Best Top Prospects Signature Series


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s-l500The box: 1998 Team Best Top Prospects Signature Series minor league baseball cards
Where to buy: 
Check eBay

Packs per box: 18 (plus one box-topper)
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 109
Base set completion: 
50 of 50 (100 percent)
Duplicates: 45
Triplicates: 6

Base cards of note – Rick Ankiel, Kris Benson, Lance Berkman, Russell Branyan, Eric Chavez, J.D. Drew, Troy Glaus, Gabe Kapler, Mike Lowell, Gil Meche, Aramis Ramirez, Ruben Rivera, Jimmy Rollins, Vernon Wells


Insert/short-print cards: 2 (all in gallery below)
Diamond Best (1) 
– Alex Gonzalez
No. 1 Pick box-topper (1) – Jason Standridge (/900)


Autographs: 6
1997 Team Best Full Count (1) – 
Dermal Brown
Team Best Autographs (5) – Al Hawkins, Travis Dawkins, Alex Hernandez, Francisco Cordero, Bryan Hebson

What’s Buzz-worthy: Our final Team Best box among our recent wave of minor league breaks, has a base set that might have the strongest lineup of players. But, on the flip side, the autograph checklist here isn’t that hot. This box? A dud when it comes to ink. Among those on the autograph checklist that weren’t found here? A.J. Burnett, Frank Catalanotto, Francisco Cordero, Octavio Dotel, Troy Glaus, Jason Grilli, Jose Vidro, Jason Werth. Those are the biggest highlights, which I guess makes a point that this box may not be that awful. (Nevermind … it is.) The good news here is that this box and its six autographs were less than $10. The box-topper is an interesting creation — a serial-numbered card with a hologram sticker slapped on the front with a “No. 1 pick” image in it. There are some pretty solid names on that checklist and those cards just might be rarer than the autographs in terms of production volume. At one per box, that 42-card set is a tougher one to complete. This is not a Series 2 product but the base set does continue a previous Team Best release and starts with card No. 50. Meanwhile, this box included nearly two complete sets. All in all, boxes like this are amusing if they are dirt-cheap and they offer a do-able collecting challenge if you want to chase them all.

Product Grade: B
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: C

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