Topps’ Ultimate Card Giveaway site is live — just tweak that link


If you found a Rediscover Topps Baseball Ultimate Card Giveaway card for Topps Now in your box of 2017 Topps Series 1 and the code did not work, don’t worry.

It works — you just have to use a different address.


The address listed on the card is not correct — just drop off the .com on the end. (Here’s the correct link.) Buzz’s code above? It didn’t win, so I’ll save you the time of entering it.

With this program, Topps is giving away 2017 Topps Now cards, 2017 Topps Bunt app cards and other buybacks from the past that aren’t found inside packs with the Rediscover Topps stamping. These will appear in packs of Topps Series 2, Topps Update, Topps Heritage, Allen & Ginter and Bowman.

Update: On the buybacks there are “six different foil colors to designate rarity. The most common is bronze, followed by silver, gold, blue and then red. But cards from the 1950s era will not be stamped. However, they will be redemptions since they can’t fit into modern-size packs.”

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2 thoughts on “Topps’ Ultimate Card Giveaway site is live — just tweak that link

  1. 87toppsproject February 2, 2017 / 10:14 am

    I broke two hobby boxes and pulled two code cards. One of the codes was a winner, but I don’t know the prize. Topps sent an email saying

    “Congratulations!!!, Your won product (ARTBB-xxxxx-xxxx-0370) has been reserved. We will notify you once your order will be placed.”

    My two boxes were mediocre/a little above average, but nothing special pulled, so I was stoked to see that one of the code cards was a winner.


  2. 87toppsproject February 3, 2017 / 10:14 am

    an update from Topps:

    Topps has changed the email sent to code winners. It now tells you that you’ve won a Topps Now card and gives you the card number. Someone on the Blowout forums posted that they will receive card #12. Topps just notified me that I will be getting card #370 and the email I received (as mentioned above) has been changed to be more specific.


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