Could a feature film about family spark serious interest in Paige’s WWE trading cards? Bet on it …


The history books of professional wrestling are packed with stories about families that took part in the traveling caravan turned international spectacle — a mere mention of names such as McMahon, Hart, Von Erich, Funk, Guerrero and so many more can mean so many names to those who know wrestling.

But there’s one name — Bevis — that might become a household name in the future thanks to a feature film that’s in the works and revealed this week from Seven Bucks Productions, which is a company helmed by Dwayne Johnson. He’s a third-generation wrestling star you might know as The Rock and he’s flexed plenty of muscle lately when it comes to entertainment ventures without ring ropes.

And who’s Bevis? Thats Saraya-Jade Bevis, a WWE star from England who’s known as Paige inside the ring and it’s her story — her family’s story — that’s being developed into a movie. (Finally, we know what The Rock is cooking.)


What makes the 24-year-old star’s story interesting? Her entire family is in the wrestling business in England — her mom, Julia, is known as Saraya Knight in the ring, while her dad, Patrick, is known as Ricky Knight in the business as a wrestler turned promoter. Her older brothers Roy and Zak? They’re professional wrestlers, too.

And that’s how the idea Fighting With My Family was born.

Paige has wrestled since the age of 13 — first alongside family members as part of the independent promotions in Europe before joining the WWE developmental ranks in 2011. She made her WWE debut the day after WrestleMania 30 in 2014, winning the WWE Divas championship in her first match. She’s been the champ twice but is presently working to return from injury — neck surgery — last year.

Despite time away from the wrestling spotlight, her trading cards remain strong sellers — and there’s little doubt that a successful film should spark added interest. It’s been the case for countless previous sports movies based on real life — The Rookie, The Blind Side, 42, Miracle, Invincible, Million Dollar Arm and Moneyball have all turned various cards that may have been previously overlooked into must-haves with new fans of the films. (Vince Papale‘s 1977 Topps Rookie Card comes to mind.)


Paige’s rarest (and priciest) card is from a promotional set given away during events during her time with Florida Championship Wrestling, which is WWE’s developmental promotion now known as NXT. That card is in the 2012 FCW Slamarama set (above).

Her first Topps cards arrived in 2014 Topps NXT and 2014 Topps Chrome NXT insert sets (up top), which are readily available but not cheap for base cards, while the made her full “Rookie Card” arrival the following year.

paige-relicHer autographs? They’re essentially found in just a single release — 2015 Topps WWE (up top) — a total of 14 different cards with parallels, printing plates and signed kiss cards. That’s it and you can throw in Relics and inserts such as Chrome Refractors and printing plates from other releases that year that sell very well across the board. Autographs routinely sell for more than $50 and standard printing plates have hit as much as $99 in recent weeks. (She’s been in pretty much all WWE sets since 2015 — just without ink.)

And, remember, she’s been out of action, which means no TV time other than the WWE’s reality TV show Total Divas.

So with few autos and big money paid for rarer cards theres also one other more thing to keep in mind. Wax for older WWE sets isn’t always easy to find — it’s not like baseball where a larger volume is made — so what might all of these variables lead to when a film about her and her family arrives?

We’ll see, but Fighting With My Family looks like it will be a big deal with her mom to be played by Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and her dad to be played by Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). It will be written and directed by Stephen Merchant, who helped create The Office.

That’s an All-Star team right there — and the film was just announced on Tuesday.

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