Steiner Sports brings game-used ties to world (No, seriously)


We can hear it now across the office cafeteria …

“Hey, Lumbergh, you’ve got something on your tie.”

“That’s Yankee Stadium dirt, Peter.”

It could become a reality soon thanks to Steiner Sports, which has taken game-used to a new area with material from the stadium world to the office space.


So far only two teams have had their game-used jerseys end up in ties — the New York Yankees and the New York Rangers. The Yankees’ famed pinstripes make up the first offering in the line while the Rangers’ NHL sweaters can be found in both home and road colors (blue and white)

The ties are made using randomly selected jerseys (albeit likely from lesser names) that make the cut into tie-dom. They’re exclusive creations since Steiner has the rights to these teams’ memorabilia but they’re not the only time that game-used items have made their way into everyday items as Tokens & Icons has been doing it for a few years now with wallets, cufflinks, watches, bottle openers, bracelets, pens and other items. Steiner also has created coasters using uniform searches and game-used dirt, too.

More on Steiner’s ties (sale price $99.99, regular price $299.99) can be found here.

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