Adele, Beyonce, MetalliGaga & more win Garbage Pail Kids Shammys


The Grammys had their fair share of memorable moments — and now we get the Garbage Pail Kids cards to reflect those malfunctioning mics, Beyonce‘s motherdom and all of Adele‘s blues.

Blue language that is.

A total of 19 stickers are available now as part of the 2017 GPK Shammys set, which can be had now only initially via


The standard-sized cards are available for $9.99 a pair for the GPKs, $9.99 for the single Wacky Packages or $49.99 for the whole collection. They will be printed to order — meaning if 450 cards are ordered then only 450 cards are printed — and they will only be available for seven days.

Among the other stars in this one are David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Metallica and Lady Gaga as well as Cee-Lo Green. You can see the whole rundown of the set in our gallery below.

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