New Garbage Pail Kids & Wacky Packages set to assist artist

artgpk-stic-17gpk-jlt-1_1A veteran cartoonist is batting health issues and mounting medical expenses and he’ll be getting some help from his kids and Topps.

His Garbage Pail Kids, actually.

Just some of the career credits of Jay Lynch include writing for Bazooka Joe comics, work on Wacky Packages and the Garbage Pail Kids and a new set of 11 cards from Topps revealed on Wednesday aims to help him.


For the next 28 days, an 11-sticker set is available from Topps for $64.99 with memorable Lynch works re-created by 11 artists. These will be printed to order once the availability window closes.

Here’s a rundown …

Garbage Pail Kids
1 — Jailhouse RICK by Tom Bunk
2 — Scrap BROOKE by James Warhola
3 — Toe Jam JAN by Brent Engstrom
4 — Rootin RUBEN by Layron DeJarnette
5 — Booger KEN by Joe Simko
6 — Birdbrain WAYNE by Jeff Zapata

Wacky Packages
7 — Flunk by David Gross
8 — Shrunken Donuts by Smokin Joe
9 — Pupsi by Fred Wheaton
10 — Schnozmopolitan by JungHwa Im
11 — DeLinquent Spinach by Neil Camera

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