First Buzz: 2017 Historic Autographs Friends & Foes Football


What: 2017 Historic Autographs Friends & Foes Football
Arrives: March 22
Box basics: One autograph per box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Friends & Foes comes to the gridiron with cut autograph duos that should grab some attention.

Keep reading for more information.


The Basics: Historic packs this one with certified autographs of notable teammates and rivals from the past with more than 30 Joe Namath autos, more than 10 Walter Payton autos and more than 10 Joe Montana autos in the run in addition to names like Johnny Unitas, Jerry Rice, John Elway, George Halas, Reggie White and Jerome Brown. … Only 75 cases will be made.

Friends Foes
Adams, Julius Grogan, Steve Barney, Lem Biletnikoff, Fred
Anderson, Ken Griffin, Archie Baugh, Sammy Parker, Ace
Atwater, Steve Sharpe, Shannon Bednarick, Chuck Fears, Tom
Bednarik, Chuck Baugh, Sammy Bethea, Elvin Biletnikoff, Fred
Bell, Bobby Dawson, Len Bethea, Elvin Fouts, Dan
Bell, Buddy Gillman, Sid Butkus, Dick Sanders, Charlie
Berry, Raymond Moore, Lenny Connors, George Lavelli, Dante
Bertelli, Angelo Lujack, Johnny Connors, George Groza, Lou
Bethea, Elvin Campbell, Earl Craig, Roger Tippett, Andre
Biletnikoff, Fred Blanda, George Dickerson, Eric Theismann, Joe
Biletnikoff, Fred Plunkett, Jim Dudley, Bill Robustelli, Andy
Blount, Mel Ham, Jack Elway, John Montana, Joe
Blount, Mel Lambert, Jack Gifford, Frank Jorgenson, Sonny
Brown, Jerome White, Reggie Halas, George Brown, Paul
Buoniconti, Nick Langer, Jim Ham, Jack Payton, Walter
Buoniconti, Nick Warfield, Paul Hampton, Dan White, Randy
Butkus, Dick Ditka, Mike Hirsh, Elroy Lavelli, Dante
Carmichael, Harold Jaworski, Ron Kelly, Leroy Butkus, Dick
Carmichael, Harold Gabriel, Roman Lane, Dick Marchetti, Gino
Craig, Roger Montana, Joe Langer, Jim Joiner, Charlie
Csonka, Larry Little, Larry Langer, Jim Bethea, Elvin
Csonka, Larry Morris, Mercury Lary, Yale Dudley, Bill
Davis, Glenn Blanchard, Doc Lavelli, Dante Johnson, John Henry
Devine, Dan Parseghian, Ara Lavelli, Dante Canadeo, Tony
Dudley, Bill Baugh, Sammy Lavelli, Dante Canadeo, Tony
Flutie, Doug Walker, Herschel Levy, Marv Reeves, Dan
Fouts, Dan Mitchell, Lyndell Lilly, Bob Blier, Rocky
Gatski, Frank Lavelli, Dante Lilly, Bob Otto, Jim
Gatski, Frank Groza, Lou Lilly, Bob Maynard, Don
Gifford, Frank Summerall, Pat Lilly, Bob Dierdorf, Dan
Grogan, Steve Fryar, Irving Lilly, Bob Langer, Jim
Halas, George Payton, Walter Little, Larry Biletnikoff, Fred
Ham, Jack Blount, Mel Lofton, James Biletnikoff, Fred
Hannah, John Grogan, Steve Marchetti, Gino Kelly, Leroy
Hopkins, Wes Fuller, William Marchetti, Gino Maynard, Don
Huff, Sam Robustelli, Andy Marchetti, Gino Johnson, John Henry
Jaworski, Ron Cunningham, Randall McAfee, George Parker, Ace
Kelly, Jim Reed, Andre Montana, Joe Singletary, Mike
Kiick, Jim Little, Larry Noll, Chuck Landry, Tom
Lambert, Jack Ham, Jack Plunkett, Jim Bergey, Bill
Lambert, Jack Russell, Andy Robustelli, Andy Ringo, Jim
Langer, Jim Warfield, Paul Rooney, Art Landry, Tom
Lary, Yale LeBeau, Dick Sanders, Charlie Mack, Tom
Lary, Yale Johnson, John Henry Sanders, Charlie Selmon, Lee Roy
Lavelli, Dante Groza, Lou Sanders, Charlie Krause, Paul
Levy, Marv Tippett, Andre Sanders, Charlie Davis, Willie
Lilly, Bob Jordan, Lee Roy Schmidt, Joe Jones, Stan
Lilly, Bob White, Randy Schmidt, Joe Taylor, Jim
Little, Larry Langer, Jim Snead, Sam Sarazen, Gene
Marchetti, Gino Moore, Lenny Stauntner, Ernie Hirsch, Elroy
Marchetti, Gino Donovan, Art Theisman, Joe Taylor, Lawrence
Marchetti, Gino Parker, Jim Theisman, Joe Hendricks, Ted
Montana, Joe Francis, Russ Theisman, Joe Plunkett, Jim
Namath, Joe Maynard, Don Tittle, Y.A. Kelly, Leroy
Namath, Joe Ewbank, Weeb Tittle, Y.A. Maynard, Don
Nitschke, Ray Starr, Bart Tittle, Y.A. Marchetti, Gino
Oates, Brad Oates, Bart Tittle, Y.A. Lane, Dick
Pearson, Preston Stallworth, John Tittle, Y.A. Robustelli, Andy
Perry, Joe Donovan, Art Trippi, Charley McElhenney, Hugh
Perry, Joe Parker, Jim Trippi, Charley Robustelli, Andy
Pihos, Pete Van Buren, Steve Trippi, Charlie Schmidt, Joe
Rice, Jerry Montana, Joe Unitas, Johnny Namath, Joe
Rooney, Art Noll, Chuck White, Randy Blier, Rocky
Rosell, Jim Mara, Wellington
Russell, Andy Ham, Jack
New York Sack Exchange
Schottenheimer, Marty Montana, Joe
Simms, Phil Hostetler, Jeff
Singletary, Mike Ryan, Buddy
Starr, Bart Gregg, Forrest
Swann, Lynn Ham, Jack
Trippi, Charley Matson, Ollie
Van Buren, Steve Bednarick, Chuck
Vermeil, Dick Papale, Vince
Vermeil, Dick Jaworski, Ron
Walker, Herschel Cunningham, Randall
Warfield, Paul Kelly, Leroy
Williams, Doug Briscoe, Marlon
Wyche, Sam Munoz, Anthony

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