Buzz 12 in 12: Busting a 1992 Action Packed Rookie Update box (Hour 6)


Do you like Buzz Breaks? Today’s your day then as we launch 12 in 12 — a series of a dozen breaks of past wax boxes and wax packs in a dozen hours. We’ll post one every hour on the hour all day long today … and this is Hour 6.

12in12-logo-smallerThe pack: 1992 Action Packed Rookie Update football cards 
The cost now: 
The cost then: $2.49/pack, $59.76/box

What’s inside this box? Keep reading …


Cards per pack: 7 (Notable cards in gallery below)
Packs per box: 24
Cards in this box: 168
Base set completion:
84 of 84 (100 percent)
Duplicates: 70
Triplicates: 13


Insert/short-print cards: 1 
Neon Deion (1) – Deion Sanders

Autographs/Memorabilia: None

What’s Buzz-worthy: Why is this one here? Two reasons. One is a longshot — 24k gold cards — and one easier but (I don’t think) not necessarily guaranteed. That one is Neon. It took until the 23rd of 24 packs to land the “Neon” Deion Sanders card, which I could have bought for less than the original cost of a single pack. (It’s top-loaded because I’m a sucker for these types of cards when graded.) These cards carry a unique embossed, glossed and foiled look and they were not cheap in their day so I only ripped one — and that was a discount a few years later — back in the day. The quality holds up here, but the rookie class is quite bad. Couple that with no inserts beyond the gold parallels and Neon Deion and it’s a very dull break. A plus? Most of the veterans here are Hall of Fame caliber, giving you a good look some highlights of the 1990s NFL in what’s really a tiny set. In fact, it’s stacked in that regard. The rookie crop is the only thing that holds this one back — well, except for there being no inserts to speak of — but at least you get plenty of base cards. Perhaps Panini America, which owns the trademarks here, will revisit this unique approach at some point?

Product Grade: B+
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: B-

What’s next? Be back at the top of the next hour …

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