Hasbro readies Star Wars Black Series figures for 40th anniversary


They’re back and they’re bigger than ever for their 4oth anniversary.

Hasbro will bring its popular Star Wars Black Series line of six-inch action figures to retro-styled packaging for the birthday of the world’s biggest science fiction franchise.

The 12 toys were revealed at New York Toy Fair with new touches and big improvements compared to the original creations — and also with other nods to them, too.


One of those nods is a Legacy Pack, a new take on the “Early Bird Kit” that had people buying empty boxes with a … wait for it … redemption card inside good for their forthcoming toys. This time it appears to arrive with Darth Vader in the box and a display for those daring to remove their figures from the packaging.

Check out all of the images below and you can learn much, much more with a StarWars.com Q&A with Hasbro’s Steve Evans by clicking here.

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