Oscars’ Envelopegate snafu lives on with new Garbage Pail Kids homage

artgpk-16c2s-17gpap-nswb-setOne of the most-unforgettable errors in Oscars history will now be remembered in a different way.

With a new Garbage Pail Kids sticker.


Topps revealed the new creation as part of its latest wave of GPK stickers — The Not-scars 2017 — set on Monday and it will be $9.99 for a pair of stickers (Warren Batty and Baiting Beatty) and only initially be available via Topps.com.  They will be printed to order, meaning that if 372 copies are ordered then 372 copies will be printed — or if 3,720 are ordered then 3,720 will be printed. There are 18 stickers in all in the collection — see them all in the gallery below — and a whole set can be had for $49.99. They’ll only be available for the next seven days.

If you missed the closing minutes of The Academy Awards Sunday night, the Best Picture award was mistakenly awarded to La La Land instead of Moonlight after Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were handed the wrong envelope, which was for the Best Actress category and was awarded earlier in the night.

The Academy Awards’ producers and voting accountants corrected the error only after the cast of La La Land had taken the stage and had a couple of acceptance speeches completed. (The Washington Post has a moment-by-moment recap as well as a video of the situation that you can see here.)

Beatty, a past Oscar winner, doesn’t have any certified autographs signed specifically for a card company (he does have a cut auto) but can be found throughout the 1990 Topps Dick Tracy set, a release that also includes cards showing Madonna and Al Pacino as seen in the movie.

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