What’s inside the third WWE Slam Crate? Find out here …


The third time’s the charm.

When Pasadena, Calif.-based Loot Crate recently announced its wrestling version of a mystery box — the WWE Slam Crate — this fan decided to sign up and see what was to come.

The first crate arrived last year and the second arrived awhile back but this one is the best one yet in its simplicity and its items that should draw collectors in.

What did this third one include? Star power — and some Topps promo cards. Keep reading …


For $29.99, Buzz got five items inside this crate — a mix of collectibles, usable everyday items and other items all with a WWE theme.

The main wearable item is a Seth Rollins shirt but that’s not the big deal here to me — the big deal is The Rock. How? Via an exclusive variant of an upcoming Jada Toys Metals diecast figure of the wrestler turned Hollywood star.  When that next series of those toys arrives in stores sometime soon we’ll get him without the shirt along with toys of Bayley, Kevin Owens and A.J. Styles — but this one can only be found here.

The rest of the items? Check them out in the gallery below and then see how Buzz graded this one. (Click for a closer look and a description of the item.)

The Bottom Line: Overall, I’d grade this a B+ and that makes it the best Slam Crate to date simply because of the names and the inclusion of two items that are more collectibles. (See the two previous crates here.) If Loot Crate continues with this formula, I’ll remain in — though we still haven’t found any key items (toys, collectibles) for WWE’s popular female stars just yet other than a teddy bear (not my style) in the last one. (They’ve arguably been better than anyone in the last year.) … This WrestleMania themed box was better than the first two, but there’s still room to improve and dominate — and it could happen. The next box will spotlight Masters of The Mic and they’ve already teased a new “Stone Cold” Steve Austin figure that will be found there (one from a new series of “Attitude Era” toys, too) so I’m in for that one. Had this crate been iffy, I probably would have been done subscribing but Loot Crate kept me in here with the cards and The Rock.

For more info on Slam Crate, click here. 

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