Gallery & SP info: 2017 Donruss baseball cards

Today’s the day that Panini America‘s first baseball set of the year arrives.

It’s 2017 Donruss, and it includes a number of nods to the past with its design and inclusions but it also includes one thing that’s a staple for throwback- and collector-minded brands.

Short-printed variations.

The players who have variations were noted on the previously released checklist (click that link to see a huge gallery and more info) but here’s a breakdown of the 25 variations that aren’t all that tough to pull. You’ll pull roughly four in every hobby box.

Here’s a rundown with a gallery below.

57 — Manny Machado (nickname, “Hakuna Machado”)
59 — Mookie Betts (batting with catcher in photo)
68 — Kris Bryant (three SPs: black-and-white photo, “MVP” on front” and powder blue throwback uniform)
70 — Anthony Rizzo (nickname, “Rizz”)
89 — Nolan Arenado (grey jersey)
93 — Miguel Cabrera (nickname, “Miggy”)
96 — Michael Fulmer (“ROY” instead of name)
97 — Jose Altuve (nickname, “Gigante”)
104 — Mike Trout (two SPs: one sliding and clapping, one with “MVP” instead of name)
106 — Corey Seager (“ROY” instead of name)
165 — Josh Donaldson (nickname, “Bringer of Rain” with fielding photo)
174 — Daniel Murphy (nickname, “Murph” with black-and-white photo)
177 — Cal Ripken Jr. (Hall of Fame 2007 on front)
178 — Dave Winfield (12-time All-Star on front)
179 — Duke Snider (nickname, “The Duke of Flatbush”)
180 — Frank Thomas (black-and-white photo)
182 — Johnny Bench (nickname, “Little General”)
185 — Nolan Ryan (nickname, “The Express”
186 — Pete Rose (nickname, “Charlie Hustle”)
188 — Ryne Sandberg (nickname, “Ryno”)
191 — Wade Boggs (nickname, “Chicken Man”)
193 — Willie Stargell (nickname, “Pops”)

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