New Era has World Baseball Caps covered … for all but one team

The international all-star action of the World Baseball Classic is here with teams from 16 countries taking the field and appearing on Topps baseball cards, too.

The gear?

It’s in the plans to be coming to game-used cards, too, but for now fans will have to settle on buying their own caps and they’re available for 15 teams from New Era. 

Just one team is not taking the field in New Era caps — Japan wears Mizuno — but all 15 that do can be had from the company.

Israel, Cuba, South Korea, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, China, Chinese Taipei and the United States of America. The 59FIFTY model fitted caps are $37.99 and can be found in nearly 10 sizes depending on team.

You can see them all in the gallery below and learn more by clicking here.

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