Original comic art for Logan star’s debut hits auction block soon

The newest small star of the big screen world that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a big deal once again very soon on the auction block.


The original art used for the first comic book appearance of Laura Kinney, aka X-23, will be hitting the open market next month via Heritage Auctions.

X-23 is the new star played by Dafne Keen alongside Hugh Jackman in Logan, which has raked its way to more than $104 million at the box office in the United States alone since its release less than one week ago. (It’s up to $295 million world-wide.)

Her first appearance came in issue No. 3 of NYX from Marvel back in February 2004. That was a mini-series that focused on homeless teenage mutants in New York City. Included with the cover art by Joshua Middleton are three concept sketches as well as a piece that extends the main image. All were created by Middleton and since acquired from the artist. The main piece measures 10-by-17.25 inches and is in pencil/graphite on Bristol board.

Demand for this one should be big — and demand for the comic itself is already quite high, too, as it’s one of the more-iconic books of the 2000s.

A CGC 9.9 copy of the book — the highest-graded copy and one of just four with that mark — sold on eBay in January for $4,550. More typically, signed and slabbed copies sell for as much as $1,000 and lesser-grade unsigned copies typically go for anywhere from $500 to $1,000. (Volume is high along with the prices, so there’s more volatility.)

This piece? It won’t hit the auction block until April 28 and that sale will run until May 18-19 when the Heritage Comics Signature Auction — New York reaches its finale. Curious about potential? It’s not a perfectly natural comparison, but the inked page for the very first appearance of Wolverine from back in 1974 sold for a record $657,250 back in 2014.

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