Fictional Food prints offer second look at moments & icons

Ballpark foods on baseball cards are fun (and coming soon from Topps), but Fictional Foods can be pretty cool, too.

That’s the name of a couple collections from Baltimore-based artist Joshua Budich that can be found via Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

Some of the prints are sold out — sadly, his tribute to Pulp Fiction‘s Big Kahuna Burger is already among those — but other prints can still be nabbed by collectors and they’re worth a look.

A dozen memorable foods from pop culture can be collected in a few ways. A series of a dozen pieces as part of “Fictional Food 2” could be had as a 6-by-6 print for $120 via the gallery. The sets are limited to one 50 copies and are signed with matching numbers. Among them is the Back to The Future Part II Pizza Hut pizza. You can also pick them off as single pieces if just one strikes you as interesting.

Among the other prints are Deadpool and his beloved chimichangas, Shaun of the Dead‘s Cornetto ice cream and Willie Wonka’s Wonka Bar. The first wave of pieces are 18-by-24 prints on 100-pound paper that are also limited to 50. Signed prints are $40.

A number of them are sold out but you can see some in the gallery below and even more by clicking here.

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