Mascot Relics offer fun new twist inside 2017 Topps Opening Day

Tomorrow’s the day that 2017 Topps Opening Day officially arrives — depending on your weather, of course — but the meteorological news is far from the big buzz of today.

The game-changer in this one? A set of mascot-worn Relic cards.

Yep, those fuzzballs of the diamond can be found in some new ways and beside the cards of the hot dogs at the concessions stand when you tear into packs of this low-end brand.

Mascots have always had a place in Opening Day which packs a more high-end fun factor — as long as mascots and other weird baseball things are your thing. This year’s lineup includes a 25-card set of standard mascot cards and along with those are seven autographs and five Relics, which are the new inclusions here.

Billy The Marlin, the Chicago Cubs’ Clark, the St. Louis Cardinals’ Fredbird, the Cleveland Indians’ Slider and Wally The Green Monster have Relics. So far, just one of these has hit the open market of eBay — a Wally card — but you can expect there to be interest in all of the hits.

Those autographs can sell for more than you might think — and they’re not that easy to pull. Moreover, it’s the uniqueness of these cards that helps, too. Derek Jeter may be returning to the autograph card world with Topps but he’s got a lot more autographs out there than the Houston Astros’ Orbit.

Their number of fans? Well, Orbit’s picking up steam … just saying.

You can see the checklists for all three sets in the gallery below. (Click for a closer look.)

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