Loot Crate enters sports world with 10 MLB teams and superstar toys

Loot Crate is hitting the baseball diamond and the aces are leading the way.

The Sports Crate subscription box has launched and 10 MLB teams are up for grabs for fans who want a box of stuff for their team delivered to them on a regular basis. Among the items inside each crate is a uniquely styled action figure for one of the team’s top pitchers as the theme for this debut is “Bring The Heat.”

Which teams made the cut? Check out the figure slideshow above and keep reading for more details and a look inside every crate.

The Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Tigers, Giants, Mets, Red Sox, Royals, Rangers and Yankees are the teams presently available and the company plans to offer more in the future. These first subscriptions will last for five months — basically the MLB season from May to September — and are $39.99 a month or $179.99 for the season. (The season pass cannot be purchased after the season begins.)

Inside each Crate will be a selection of team gear, memorabilia and other collectibles with some of them even showing Topps baseball cards in the mix. Those that don’t have cards show what appears to be some game-used swatch items. (A small team logo display piece and cufflinks?) There will be between five and seven items per box per month with each of them offering more than $80 in licensed merchandise and a shot at winning team experiences.

Besides the baseball cards (no details there yet other than they are sets not a single card), the unique item here for collectors looks to be the action figure, though no sizes for those are disclosed.

You can see the teased contents of these first crates in a gallery below. For more information on these, visit sportscrate.com.

Update: The company has partnered with Topps to create exclusive cards — and 10 percent of the crates will include a foilboard version inserted in place of a standard card. The cards will debut in this month’s “Bringing the Heat” themed crate with Noah Syndergaard, Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, Cole Hamels and Rick Porcello among others. According to the company, the 2017 Topps Sports Crate set will have two different numbers — the first noting the cards for each team. The complete master set corresponds with the second number and will have 50 cards in all once the first wave/season is completed.

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