You can thank the Cincinnati Reds for St. Patrick’s Day MLB caps

It’s a tradition that’s been on the field for many years now, but it’s not always been available to fans.

But, no worries, the MLB St. Patrick’s Day caps are available now from New Era.

If you didn’t know, the tradition is something that you can thank the Cincinnati Reds for as that team started this spring training trend almost 40 years ago.

It began with the Reds during their game played on St. Patrick’s Day back in 1978 and has become one of a few times each season that MLB teams don alternative uniforms. Why? For fun — and now for merchandising, of course.

How the green uniforms first launched was a surprise to nearly all involved — not one that came from the league office. Instead it was Cincinnati Reds GM Dick Wagner and equipment manager Bernie Stowe who crafted the plans, leaving many players surprised when they hit the locker room to suit up for the game.

“Did we get traded to Oakland?” asked Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench, according to a story that details the first time the Reds wore green. 

This year, 28 teams have St. Patrick’s Day caps available from New Era. They’re $37.99 a pop. You can see all of them in gallery below and find more information on them right here.

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