New Star Wars Widevision and Planet of the Apes books on way soon from Topps & Abrams

Star Wars fans will have to hit more than the card shop to collect ’em all very soon.

Set to arrive on April 18 is a new book — Star Wars Widevision: The Original Topps Trading Card Series Volume One — and it will arrive from Abrams ComicArts and Topps with an added bonus.

That bonus? Additional trading cards as part of the overall package.

The $24.95 hardcover book reprints past Topps Widevision cards beginning with the 1995 set as well as rarer promo cards and inserts inside its 432 pages. It will include fronts and backs of cards as well as info from the legendary film’s storyboards, behind-the-scenes photography and even comments from George Lucas.

There will be four bonus trading cards included with the book.

It’s also not the only release slated from Topps and Abrams as a 480-page Planet of the Apes book also is in the works. It’s set to arrive on June 6 and Planet of the Apes The Original Topps Trading Card Series will revisit the 1969 Topps set as well as a 1975 TV series set and the 2001 film’s cards.

The book will include four trading cards, too.

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