Patti Lapel brings movie & sports icons to world of collectable pins

In some areas of the sports world, pin collecting is a big deal and has been that way for decades.

Olympic pins, press pins and other areas of collecting in this wearable genre — one that’s arguably bigger away from sports — can all carry some flair within their pieces, but none of them are like one artist’s line of pins showing pop culture icons and carrying nods to sports personalities.

Its name? Patti Lapel. 

Most of these pins are made with enamel paint on black nickel and are around an inch wide and an inch tall depending on the image. They’re all relatively limited creations with some having stated limits of only 100 copies. Most of them are $10, though some that come in pairs are $19.

Movie characters from memorable flicks like Weekend at Bernie’s or Coming to America can be found alongside TV characters, video game characters and real-life characters from the sports and wrestling worlds. There are pins for a few fun iconic items from the past, too — and in some cases the pins been seen where you might not expect them to be found.

You can see a number of the pins in the gallery below — and get more info and see even more pins by clicking here.

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